Saturday, June 20, 2009

Message in a Bottle * think Sting song*

Another beautiful morning is here and you, my new friend, have joined me! Why? I don't really know why you would want to explore this world of thought but since you are here anyway, will you daydream with me?

What is worth mentioning of this thing we call life? What noble thought or grand adventure of spirit deserves merit to be pursued today? Perhaps it is a foolish person who still believes in the unbelievable and keeps in her heart visions of fairy tale like dreams?

If so, call me a fool! I'll gladly play the fool if in being simple and unlike the norm, in losing my mind, I somehow find sanity. In the least, I know I am an individual who is *uniquely* different and after despising my differences, I now celebrate those parts of me that set me aside from the rest and make me an individual woman all my own.

All that to say, sometimes in losing, you find and sometimes you have to face your own cruel monster inside before you can truly learn to be kind and compassionate. Sometimes, real empathy comes from mourning the regrets of pain you have caused someone, from learning how to love, and love with all your heart and then know how much you hurt them and feel that pain. To tear yourself apart inside from the knowledge you have wounded someone you deeply care about... that's when empathy begins.

Just a few scattered thoughts in my mind... thanks for tuning into my S.O.S. to the world! :)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Stepping into the Light...

Ah, my new friend, I see you decided to come closer and step into the light... here you will find many wonders to explore as vast and as wide as oceans of the treasures my heart holds in the endless curiosity of my inner child at play.

Stepping over the threshold of the dirty rundown cabin, is a gate-key, a worm hole of sorts, that takes you from the dreary worn down outer shell for the chance to explore life with me in my mind's eyes and boundless imagination. Shall we continue?

Okay we shall then! The light at first is blinding as you adjust your eyes, like a bear coming out of a dark cave after being lost in the sleep of winter's hibernation. But in waking up, does one fall back to sleep simply to dream along with the Dreamer before you?

Ah! I see the squint in your eyes from the harsh light is starting to fade as the picture grows clearer and your eyes begin to adjust and relax. What shall we do today? Shall we have tea with the Mad-hatter, March Hare, and Doormouse? Is it true that deep down even the most sane would agree that we are "all mad here" in one way or another?

Oh, but to be normal you say... or was that my thought from past memories asking me the question? Is there really such a thing as normal? And if so, if everyone was exactly the same, and every day the same, if there was such a thing as a perfect life? Wouldn't that be "perfectly" boring??? *wink*

If you wish to continue to explore.... I will post more thoughts soon... be sure to tune back in... who knows what time- same Sharon station *grin*

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Welcome to Sharon's World

There is a door before you to a simple rundown cabin in the the woods that looks all but abandoned and neglected. Do not be fooled by what your eyes see. Curiosity stimulates the corners of your mind as you step closer and a bright shining light beams through the cracks of the one window of the cabin. You are spellbound and mesmerized by it's shiny glint of almost star-like quality, like a small glimmer of a diamond in disguise. You reach out your hand slowly, yet, with hesitation, to gently knock on the door, but before a finger touches the frame, the door swings open in a whisper. And rays of pure sunshine burst forth in radiant brilliance. What is this place you ask?

Do you step into the light and look beneath the shallow shell of a rundown cabin? If so, return here and read on to learn more....